Library Disaster

Chloe Barker, Kaitlin May, Authors

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Library Disaster

Here at SVHS, we have a very dysfunctional library, if you can even call it a library at all. The so called library has no librarian and no way to properly check out books, and is basically being used as an extra computer lab at this point. Shelves are full of outdated reading material and books are collecting dust as we speak, rotting away in a corner somewhere. I’m a sophomore right now and in the entire two years I have been going here, I have yet to see one person actually use the library for its initial purpose of reading. The library is primarily being used for online classes, but even those students participating in the program are suffering because we don’t have a proper librarian or library. Not having a functional librarian is affecting them because they can’t get into the library during that particular class period and they can’t turn their work in at home.

Personally, I think Spring Valley should get a librarian accompanied with newer books so maybe students will actually use the library more. I don’t think there’s a point in us having a room that is supposed to be a library if you can’t use it for that purpose.


Out of the 166 students that i asked, 109 of them wish to see our school obtain a librarian and 57 of them said they don’t really think a librarian could contribute to SVHS.


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Library Disaster