A Cheesy Valentine

Charity Pauley, Reporter

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Many know of the most famous holiday coming up being Valentine’s Day. A day boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s, wives and husbands, and many more show the most affection contributing to the love shared over the length of time together. Although, what is this famous holiday without a little bit of cheesy pick-up lines? You might ask, what is this such thing as a cheesy pick up line? Well, A pickup line or chat- up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance or dating. Overt and sometimes humorous displays of romantic interest, pickup lines advertise the wit of their speakers to their target listeners. They are most commonly used by men who pick up women. Since, for this article that is not quite the aspect. With Valentine’s Day shortly around the upcoming corner here is a short story involving cheesy pick up lines contributing to winning the heart of your significant other more than ever.

“I do believe we are lost,” I protested after multiple hours of sitting in the car watching Kenny drive around aimlessly in the city for our destination. “Well, since you are not willing to be patient why do you not give me directions then?” I looked at him confused. “Directions to where?” I ask. “Well directions to your heart of course.” I flushed a deep red and fell back into my seat with an angry look crossing my arms firmly together. How dare he use the time we are losing to mock me, but when I think about it that was rather sweet of him to say such a thing. Yes, considering the fact it was Valentine’s Day I could not quite put a finger on why he wanted to go out on a day like this. Traffic is a mess, stores and restaurants overfilled with dates, and considering whatever else there is. With time passing in endless seconds of my deep thinking in our lost adventure to somewhere, I found he was driving out of the city into the distant suburbs. “Hey Katie, did you see that?” I look around. “See what?” “That parking ticket someone received.” “Why on earth would I see that, Kenny?” “Well you see, I was just thinking if you were a parking ticket you would have FINE written all over you.” I laugh loudly to his stupid pick up line. I have to admit, there are times he is rather smooth with it.

Eventually, Kenny made a right turn into a gravel road that led up to a hill. He stopped half way and parked rushing out quickly with his camera. I rush out of the car also rushing up after him. “Kenny what are you-.” Kenny was at the top smiling like crazy flashing the camera on me. “SMILE FOR THE CAMERA SO I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT PERFECT ANGLES LOOK LIKE!’’ I started giggling and hiding my face. I hated my picture taken, but he soon stopped and took my hand guiding me to the top of the hill. The sun was setting. A hint of soft pink, a dark purple, and a vibrant blue. The scattered clouds helped add much detail. It was one of those times you should bring a camera. I stare into the distance, but he pulls me close to him. His last words being for the evening, “ When I look into your eyes, it is like a gateway into the world of which I want to be a part of.” I sighed engulfing his embrace. “You know Kenny, I may not be a photographer like you are, but I can picture me and you together forever.”

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A Cheesy Valentine