Orange is the new Black

Kaitlin May & Chloe Barker, Reporter

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Orange is the new Black is coming back to Netflix this June.

After season 4 ended with a giant cliffhanger, many fans are anticipating the new season.

During season 4, the death of Poussey caused an uproar in the prison, and after Tastee discovered Mr.Caputo was in favor of the guard who killed her, she told her fellow inmates,who in turn started to riot. Inmates were seen running in all directions in the last few scenes of the episodes, until they all converged, trapping the COs (correctional officers). In the panic, one of the new COs pulled a gun,  dropped it, and a inmate named Daya picked it up. The season ended with Daya pointing a gun at the C.O. (pictured above).

Due to its popularity O.I.T.N.B will be renewed for another two season after the new one airs in June. Netflix has even said numerous times that Orange is the new Black is their most popular Netflix original series.













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Orange is the new Black