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Cassandra Scarberry, Editor in Chief

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Huntington West Virginia was named the best community and awarded 3 million dollars to better the city. Huntington residents are very proud and overjoyed at this great accomplishment. The Huntington area has had its fair share of a bad reputation considering it was ranked number one in drug overdoses. Not to mention, West Virginia once again ranked 50th in health for the United States. Huntington received a well-deserved breath of fresh air and recognition.

For the past three years, Huntington has been working on a plan to better the economy and improve the quality of life. This plan is known as the revitalization plan or the Huntington Innovation Project (HIP). This plan has three main strategies in the Highlawn, Fairfield, and West End areas.

In the Highlawn area, plans are to redevelop 78 acres of empty land along the Ohio River. In the West End, the plan is to improve the buildings and the overall look of the 14th street Central City area. In Fairfield and Hal Greer neighborhood, replacement of run-down housing facilities will take place and improvement of the streets. This is all part of the plan to endorse Cabell Huntington Hospital’s goal in healthy living.

Though some people are skeptical, most believe this plan will do great things for Huntington. Being awarded The Best Community in America and given 3 million dollars will surely help Huntington accomplish its goals for the future. Huntington, although has a bad reputation, is very capable of great things. With the help in funding, Huntington should have no problem thriving in the future. Watch out America; the best is yet to come for Huntington, West Virginia.

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