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Tracking a New Record

Sidney Paynter, Reporter

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Friday, April 21, Andrew Ball Jumped 5’8’ beating the school record for the high jump at the track meet at Ashland Paul Blazer High in Ashland, Kentucky.  High jump is where a jumper jumps over a horizontal bar at different measurements. They start out at 5 foot and then raise the bar every 2 inches if you make it over the bar without knocking it over.

The school record for high jump was 5’6’ and was previously held by Smiley Kilgore. Smiley set many records for the track team including the record for 400 meter dash at a time of 48 seconds. He also set the record for the 800 meter dash at a time of 1 minute and 53 seconds. Smiley graduated in the Spring of 2015.

Andrew Ball has been running track since 7th grade on the Buffalo Middle school track team. He runs the 1600 meter dash, also known as the mile, 800 meter dash, 4X800 relay, 4X400 relay and high jump. He first started doing high jump in the 8th grade. His goal for his sophomore year was to jump 5’6’. He first achieved his goal at the Boyd County track meet on Saturday, April 15th.  On April 21, Andrew broke Smiley’s school record, setting the bar literally a little bit higher for Spring Valley.

Spring Valley track coaches are Mike and Missy Hall. They have coached at Spring Valley for 2 years but have coached track for a total of 5 years. They also coached at Buffalo middle school for 3 years. Two out of their three children run on the track team for them, Senior Raylen Hall and Sophomore Tyson Hall.

On April 21, 2017, Andrew Ball set the bar two inches higher at 5’8’, setting a new school record. Andre has been running track since he was in 7th grade and been doing high jump since 8th grade. He’s been coached by Mike and Missy Hall since he was in 7th grade. There is more to come from Andrew Ball in his next 2 years at Spring Valley. Let’s watch and see if he can “set the bar” even higher.

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Tracking a New Record