Columbia Mudslide Tragedy

Maggie Chaffin, Reporter

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In the early weeks of April, hundreds of citizens were killed in Mocoa, Columbia when a severe mudslide caused by above average rainfall resulted in flooding. Torrential rains on a Friday night beforehand, caused rivers around the area to rise and flood.  Many hillsides gave way because of the massive amount of rainfall and flooding.  In a statement from ABC News, nearly 400,000 people received the amount of a full month’s rain in a five hour time span.  This caused about forty to fifty avalanches or mud and rock slides that destroyed buildings, businesses, and homes.

According to CNN, more than one thousand national police officers and soldiers were involved in the the efforts to rescue civilians.  When the mudslide occurred, a total of two-hundred and fifty-four lives were lost.  On Wednesday, April 19th, another mudslide struck.  Large amounts of rain caused this mudslide as well.  Authorities said at least fourteen people were killed and twenty-four were injured.  The landslide left around two-hundred fifty people dead and 1.5 million people without their homes.

On Tuesday, April 4, the dead started to be buried.  ABC News stated that “The first funeral processions and the lowering of caskets, which began yesterday, helped to underscore the gravity of what had occurred when deadly floods swept through southern parts of the Central American country last week.”  Since the time likelihood of locating survivors is coming to a close, the death toll is likely to rise.

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Columbia Mudslide Tragedy