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Youtube’s Apologies & Mistakes

Chloe Barker, Reporter

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Youtube’s Apologies & Mistakes


Over the last few weeks, Youtube has issued several apologies to the public for blocking LGBTQ content and to several companies for placing their ads in offensive and inappropriate  videos.

In the newly added restricted mode of youtube viewers discovered that LGBTQ content was being filtered out and seen as inappropriate, this of course created an outcry and prompted youtube to issue a public apology. Following, the discovery of the blocked LGBTQ content several popular youtubers expressed their opinions about the problem.

Tyler Oakley said, “still not fixed. one of my recent videos “8 Black LGBTQ+ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me” is blocked because of this. i’m perplexed”.

Youtube singers Tegan and Sara also said “If you put @YouTube on restricted mode a bunch of our music videos disappear. I checked myself. LGBTQ people shouldn’t be restricted. SAD!”

The popular #YoutubeIsoverParty hashtag also soon started to trend again because of the blocked LGBTQ content.

Soon after the outcry began, youtube issued a public apology and posted it to their blog the following Monday.  

The Tuesday after the apology was issued, youtube experienced another problem; businesses who were paying for their advertisements to be shown were horrified to discover some of their advertisements were being endorsed on non brand friendly videos. In response to learning of the placement of some of their advertisements, over 250 companies pulled their advertisements out of youtube last weekend.

The boycott started in the United Kingdom (Uk) when BBC and tourism agencies found out their ads were being aired on terrorists and hate videos. The boycott quickly spread worldwide, when several other companies discovered the same thing. Some of the offensive videos included hate speech or even terrorism.










(The video that started the investigation)

Companies obviously didn’t react well to that, and Youtube’s revenue is estimated to go down 15% to 20% of Alphabet’s GOOGL, +0.25% GOOG, +0.17% total revenue.

Google’s (Youtube’s) apology for this issue said they are”…changing the default settings for ads so that they show on content that meets a higher level of brand safety and exchanges potentially objectionable content.”

Youtube has experienced outcries from the LGBTQ communtity and their investors for blocking LGBTQ content and placing ads in inappropriate places, and as far as their concerned, youtube’s apologies don’t make up for anything either.


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Youtube’s Apologies & Mistakes