The Sons of Satan has Returned!

Charity Pauley and Jared Turley, Reporter and Author

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           Blue Exorcist is back, and fans are already clamoring over the anime’s return. The popular series debuted back in 2011 and took shonen fans by surprise with its clever plot and supernatural thrills. After a lengthy hiatus, Blue Exorcist has made a comeback thanks to its second season, and audiences can now stream the premiere episode on sites like Crunchyroll and Daisuke. The anime kicks off with a plot device anime fans have seen time and again. That’s right. Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga spends its first few minutes highlighting a couple of civilians who do not run when they are told to. A mother and her little boy stumbled across an active crime scene conducted by the True Cross Order. But, when the little boy goes careening off to see the baddie up close, things get complicated as the shrouded villain snatches the boy in a burst of miasma. Rin, the anime’s protagonist, is shown training on an undisclosed rooftop. He can be found trying to gain control over the dangerous blue, demonic flames Rin unleashed last season, but he fails at every turn to make them work for him. Even Shura can’t quite help him get a handle on the flames, but they are soon whisked away to the Order’s on-going crime scene before Rin gets much further.

            As known, Blue Exorcist is part of one of the most popular animes spoken about. Rin Okumura is the son of Satan and the elder, fraternal twin brother of Yukio Okumura. Studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, Rin desires to earn a Knight meister and defeats his biological father. Rin started school at True Cross Academy as a plot to keep him under watch. Rin, the son of Satan who has unleashed his power to the world, has now attracted demons of all sorts who want to get their hands on him to try and drag him back to Gehenna or “the underworld.” As the season unfolds, we learn the secrets behind Rin’s and his brothers lifestyles and history. They were found and raised as babies by Shiro Fujimoto, the owner of a church. From birth, Yukio could see demons so his father Shiro, being the strongest exorcist there is, taught him how to be an exorcist. Exorcists are people trained to fight and slay demons that try to attack others. After a fight with a demon, Rin awakens and releases his demonic powers. That’s when he learns everything about his secret life.

            The church was made to protect Rin, Yukio, and the Kurikara (a sword that when drawn releases Rin powers). After being possessed by Satan, Shrio is killed and the two brother are now on their own. After training to become exorcists, Yukio becomes the Paladin, the highest rank exorcist there is. A plan to destroy Gehenna is put into play. That’s when Yukio learns that to do so, he has to sacrifice his own brother because he has the demonic powers. After being possessed by Satan, Yukio stops the plan to destroy Gehenna and fights Rin. Rin reaches out and Yukio is able to break free from Satan’s grip, sending him to Gehenna. With nothing but random stories, there’s no telling if Season Two takes place before or after the events of season one, because everyone is terrified of Rin even though he and his brother saved the world from Satan himself. As more episodes come out weekly, we’ll learn everything in time.

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The Sons of Satan has Returned!